The Downside to Being a Night Owl

I confess that I am a night owl. This is to say that I am a person who prefers to stay awake late into the night, and then wake up late in the morning. My ideal daily program is one where I go to sleep by 4 Am, and wake up by 11 Am or 12 Pm. The opposite of a night owl is a morning bird: in which regard I have some friends who actually prefer to go to bed early, and then wake up early in the morning. These are the sorts of folks who would prefer to be in bed by 10 Pm, in order to arise by 4 Am or 5 Am.

Being a night owl has its advantages. But in today’s blog post, I will be focusing on the downsides to being a night owl. These are, in other words, the reasons as to why I sometimes wish that I was more of a morning bird kind of person.

When talking about the downsides of being a night owl, I have to start with the fact that it interferes a great deal with social life. This is because most social activities take place during the day. If you wish to meet with various people, they will tend to prefer setting up the appointments during the day. Indeed, there are certain types of meetings that can only take place during the day. By having a daily schedule that keeps you asleep during the daytime (and which allows you to come to life at night), you end up being unable to be part of many group activities that would otherwise have nourished your social life.

Another disadvantage associated with being a night owl is in the fact that it is unhealthy. Human beings are, apparently, designed to be diurnal beings – and attempts to be nocturnal tend (in many cases) to lead to major health problems in the long run.

Yet another disadvantage associated with being a night owl is in the fact that it has the potential to interfere with one’s financial earning potential. This is because most economic activities take place during the day. Thus, if you have a scenario where you sleep most of the day, and only come to to life at night, you end up losing a lot.