Earning a Living Through Poetry

Why is it so hard to earn a living through poetry? This is a question I keep on asking myself, whenever I look at the options through which a poet can earn money. And it is against a background where I happen to be a reasonably talented poet — and where many of the people who know me keep on asking me how much money I earn through poetry. Whenever this question comes up in a discussion, I tend to blush and change the topic swiftly. I react that way because I am too ashamed to talk about the money I earn through poetry. If I was to be honest about it, the truth of the matter is that the amount of money I earn through poetry is pitiful. Peanuts. I have spent countless nights writing poetry – I am more of a night owl, as I told my readers in an earlier post.  And after putting in so much effort, I have often ended up with money that is not even enough to finance my coffee habit. Continue reading “Earning a Living Through Poetry”

The Downside to Being a Night Owl

I confess that I am a night owl. This is to say that I am a person who prefers to stay awake late into the night, and then wake up late in the morning. My ideal daily program is one where I go to sleep by 4 Am, and wake up by 11 Am or 12 Pm. The opposite of a night owl is a morning bird: in which regard I have some friends who actually prefer to go to bed early, and then wake up early in the morning. These are the sorts of folks who would prefer to be in bed by 10 Pm, in order to arise by 4 Am or 5 Am.

Being a night owl has its advantages. But in today’s blog post, I will be focusing on the downsides to being a night owl. These are, in other words, the reasons as to why I sometimes wish that I was more of a morning bird kind of person. Continue reading “The Downside to Being a Night Owl”