A Suggestion On How to Make the Human Species Less Nasty

Human beings are generally nasty. And this applies pretty much everywhere you go. Granted, you occasionally come across truly nice human beings. But these are usually very few and far apart. For the most part, human beings are nasty – and this is something that everyone who has dealt with human beings will aver to (Ignore the Daily Mail when it tells you otherwise). Against this background, a question arises as to whether it is possible to make human beings less nasty, or we just have to accept it as a fact that this is how human beings are, and we just have to live with it…

I have given careful thought to this question, and I have come to the conclusion that it is possible to make the human species less nasty.

The way to make human beings less nasty is by ensuring that the young ones, the kids of the species, are brought up in a kind way. We observe that the few people who are not nasty tend to be the folks who were brought up by kind parents, in a kind way. Most of the people were, however, brought up by relatively cruel parents, in a cruel way – and that is how they have ended up being nasty beings. This is why, for instance, if you were to start asking for help on a certain matter (a simple matter), you’d probably end up with folks who are unwilling to help you. That would be the case even if they are in a position to help you, and the help you are asking for really doesn’t take too much on their part.

You may, for instance, only be trying to understand how the Gap credit card works, or trying to get someone to help you apply for Gap credit card. Yet in spite of many people being conversant with these things, you discover that many don’t want to help you: simply because they have been brought up to be innately mean.

If we change the way in which we bring up our kids, it is possible to get a generation of human beings who will be less nasty. We need to re-evaluate certain practices: like the practice of shouting at kids, the practice of beating kids and so on. And if these things have to continue being done, at least they need to be done with love, not cruelty. The relative powerlessness of children must never be exploited to abuse them. Through these measures, we will have a chance to avoid regrets later in life on account of having brought up our kids in the best ways we could.

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